Here is a catalog of events in history that match the expectations generated by predictions of Scripture.


Another testimony that Jesus is here visiting individual believers now, much as He did before He ascended.

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The devil is a lair ! & JESUS IS real ! I found out I had diabetes about a month after my wife passed AWAY in June,2011.My feet keep getting sours on them,
So I keep going to the doctor for about 6 weeks the sours on my left foot would not heal , and got worse.
When I went to the doctor at the Indian hospital , He said they would have to put me in to surgery now ! I couldn't leave. I was told I would die if I would go home . The Dr. told me they were going to have to take my big toe & maybe the one next to it.and maybe the whole foot depends on the infection.so no mater what The Dr. said my toe was Gone!
So I really got scared ! I didn't have time to call very many people. I had to go into surgery, or I could die. I called my Dad,Pastor, and a friend.
I have believed in Jesus my whole life. I cried out to JESUS to save me, not to take my foot. I started praying asking forgiveness , because maybe I wasn't worthy .My Dad made it up to the hospital in time just before I went in to surgery room . They prayed for me that Jesus would be there and be with the Dr.'s when they worked on me. As I was going in the room the Dr's said get the bone saw ready , when I heard that i got really scared ! The devil will tell you everything. I thought I wasn't going to have a foot when I got out! They put me out for the surgery . When I was waking up JESUS! was there YES I said JESUS was there! with me. He told me three times to tell the nurses that he was with me. The First time Jesus told me I didn't wake up second time no, On the thrid time I looked up at the nurse , and told her Jesus is Here! He was there! I could not stop laughing while i was telling them Jesus was there . The doctor look at the nurse and, ask did you not give him the right medication? Because he shouldn't be waking up in the surgery room.
I was really happy. I couldn't stop laughing all the way to the recovery room. I still hadn't seen my foot yet till I got in the recovery room.
When I seen my foot,(still Laughing) I told them they were not done.my foot was still there! I told them to take me back to Jesus, I didn't know they didn't have to cut my foot ,or toe off . OH yes Praise GOD my foot was still there and my toe they didn't cut anything! I ask the doctor the next day about JESUS he said YOU remembered that? I said yes he was shocked
,there was no infection in the bone , and when they got to the bone Jesus! Had healed my bone infection of my foot , and there was no infection in the bone Praise God! I keep going to the Doctor's . My feet healed up, and sour came back . back and forth to the Doctor , The Dr . said my foot shouldn't be healing because, I'm diabetic , This is June,14,2014 my feet has been Healed for over three months now ! Jesus is real! My feet still healed! both of them this is October,15,2014 Jesus is real !! Now this is Febuary,2015 my feet they are still healed Praise Jesus !
Jesus also healed my eyes! I went to the eye doctor for my check up she found a diabetic spot on one of my eyes . doctor told me to go to a specialist ,but i missed my Appointment. went back year later , for another check up . Doc was upset at me because I didn't go to the specialist .The Doctor checked my eyes there was no spot! she said I was lucky I said no . Jesus healed my eyes! The Doctor said come back in a year everything looked good . Jesus is Real!
Today is May,2015 My feet are still healed!!!I am still healed it is now August 8/12/2016.I am now a acting Pastor at Anchor Baptist church. God is using me . Praise the Lord I'm still healed thank you Jesus !!!....Amen.