Former Pret?

More than one former "Full" Preterist has felt drawn to publically list me (at least briefly) as a "Former Preterist." That may be accurate, afterall, since I dropped the word "Preterist" a lot from my websites because of the negative associations the term has come to take on. ("" used to be "")

But the fuller record is that my eschatology has not changed significantly since around this time in 1996 when it dawned upon me after reading my One-Year Bible (December always ends with Revelation) that the putting in of the 2 different sickles in Revelation must have been the climaxes of the tribulation of Saints (rapture) and the destruction of the wicked (slaying of Jews throughout the Roman world during Rome's war against the Jews 66-73AD).

Since early 1997 I've held, (like Augustine & most of the Church during the Middle Ages & Martin Luther & Reformers that followed), to a 1000-year Millennium encompassing the 1000-year period of the Middle Age(s). This was followed by the challenging age in which Satan was released, (as Martin Luther & other Reformers taught concerning the times in which they lived). That period of Satan's release, in turn, terminated as the heavenly fires of the Reformation stoked the fires of holy enlightenment once again and ushered in the subsequent age of Discovering the New World; Modern Science; and Government by all the People, for all the People and of all the People, etc. in which we ourselves now live. God has been faithful to keep His every promise and has guided Mankind into paths of modern marvels & conveniences. "By the goodness of God are men drawn to repentance." To the appreciative heart, we are all surrounded by expressions of God's love for the common man, calling him to repentance, to faith in Christ Jesus.

When I first began to fellowship with "Full" Preterist folk, the above paragraph is what I imagined they were also embracing. But I was sadly disappointed, finding their brand of Preterism, that of a 30-70AD Millennium, lends itself to a whole host of errors, notably Universalism & lawlessness. And once "Full" Preterists learned what I stood for, they quickly labeled me a Partial-Preterist.

Ironically though, Partial-Preterists would reject me as a "Full" Preterist because I declare the Resurrection of the Just (the first Resurrection of Rev 20:4-6) to have begun with Christ's circa 70AD Return/Rapture and that the resurrection of "the rest of the dead" began 1000 years later circa 1070AD.

So my position is kind of a hot potato rejected by both "Full" and "Partial" Preterists who are too busy casting anathemas at each other to give my view proper consideration: I get caught in the crossfire between "Full" and "Partial" Preterists. That's okay, though, I present my view as a sacrifice of incense to God - I only care that He be pleased with it and really do not feel threatened for my ego's survival when they turn their noses away from it.

Todd Dennis ( went back and forth trying to categorize me until he settled in on Modern Preterist but not "Full" Preterist. The reason being this: I hold that all the major prophecies have all been fulfilled in our past - just not at those times decreed by "Full" Preterists. I start with historical, "Partial" Preterism and boldly end the Millennium an actual 1000 years after its 70AD start; no funny math. Satan is released as the Millennium ends around 1070AD and he is cast into the Lake of Fire as the heavenly fire of the Reformation comes into flame. I cannot say when, exactly, but that heavenly fire may actually have begun before Martin Luther's appearrance. I see Wycliffe as very monumental, perhaps the beginning of that heavenly fire that continued for centuries and, continuing into our times, vanquishes every high thing that attempts to organize evil again into an idol-worshipping, saint-subjugating superpower empire of the pre-Christian age.

I am not sure that my view of a 70-1070AD Millennium, which remains unchanged, properly places me as a "Former Full Preterist" since I never adhered to any form of the 30-70AD Millennium advocated by them. Since I was never a "Full" Preterist I am not now a "Former Full Pret." Since I have not changed my eschatology since I began to share it in 1997, I cannot be labeled a former anything. The truth be known, I had inklings that the Bible's Millennium was the Middle Age(s) since I made an adult decision to follow Christ back in 1986. And I carefully followed up on that hunch over the years until it culminated in a Bible-supported conviction early 1997. It both tickles and annoys me that certain out there label me alternately as Partial-Preterist, Hyper-Preterist or Former Preterist. I just do not understand those who profess Christ but focus so much upon denouncing others who profess Christ. I suppose they would quiet if I just parroted their views, paying them intellectual homage akin to what a schoolyard bully seeks when he yearns for the moment you say, "uncle," and fall in line under his pecking order. I just firmly believe Christ has called us higher to a higher way. We have one Teacher, one Master, one Rabbi, and He is the Christ Jesus, and we are all brothers.

Take care and may God guide your studies and your steps through Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior.

I am very pleased by the current wave of critical scrutiny debunking the awkward & forced conjecture called "Full" Preterism which in no wise provides basis for the smug conceit which too often accompanies the propagation of "Full" Preterism.

"Better a faithful nobody than a famous fool."