A Millennium of Peace in the Land of Israel - the meek inherited the Land

From: http://www.probe.org/site/c.fdKEIMNsEoG/b.7023897/k.DA67/A_Preterist_Responds_to_Four_Views_of_Revelation.htm  

The outstanding wickedness of first century Israelites is a recurrent theme throughout Josephus’ account of the Jewish War. In this text, Josephus writes concerning the destruction of Jerusalem and the perceived wickedness of its occupants, “Neither did any other city ever suffer such miseries, nor did any age ever breed a generation more fruitful in wickedness that this was, from the beginning of the world.”{14} Over the next 1000 years, until the first Crusade, Gentile Christians had migrated into Israel until Jerusalem had become 95% Christian. Christians were an overwhelming majority during this millennium--even after the Muslim conquest. During this 1000 year period, Israel had experienced unprecedented peace--much more so than any other time period in all of Israel's history. Few people know much about events in Israel during the first thousand years of the Common Era, and there is a good reason: virtually nothing bad ever happened.{15} The great victory achieved at the end of Revelation is the destruction and exile of the wicked people of Israel, the whore of Babylon, to make way for the new Jerusalem, a Jerusalem occupied by the faithful of God.