Another testimony that Jesus is here visiting individual believers now, much as He did before He ascended.

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The devil is a lair ! & JESUS IS real ! I found out I had diabetes about a month after my wife passed AWAY in June,2011.My feet keep getting sours on them,
So I keep going to the doctor for about 6 weeks the sours on my left foot would not heal , and got worse.
When I went to the doctor at the Indian hospital , He said they would have to put me in to surgery now ! I couldn't leave. I was told I would die if I would go home . The Dr. told me they were going to have to take my big toe & maybe the one next to it.and maybe the whole foot depends on the infection.so no mater what The Dr. said my toe was Gone!
So I really got scared ! I didn't have time to call very many people. I had to go into surgery, or I could die. I called my Dad,Pastor, and a friend.
I have believed in Jesus my whole life. I cried out to JESUS to save me, not to take my foot. I started praying asking forgiveness , because maybe I wasn't worthy .My Dad made it up to the hospital in time just before I went in to surgery room . They prayed for me that Jesus would be there and be with the Dr.'s when they worked on me. As I was going in the room the Dr's said get the bone saw ready , when I heard that i got really scared ! The devil will tell you everything. I thought I wasn't going to have a foot when I got out! They put me out for the surgery . When I was waking up JESUS! was there YES I said JESUS was there! with me. He told me three times to tell the nurses that he was with me. The First time Jesus told me I didn't wake up second time no, On the thrid time I looked up at the nurse , and told her Jesus is Here! He was there! I could not stop laughing while i was telling them Jesus was there . The doctor look at the nurse and, ask did you not give him the right medication? Because he shouldn't be waking up in the surgery room.
I was really happy. I couldn't stop laughing all the way to the recovery room. I still hadn't seen my foot yet till I got in the recovery room.
When I seen my foot,(still Laughing) I told them they were not done.my foot was still there! I told them to take me back to Jesus, I didn't know they didn't have to cut my foot ,or toe off . OH yes Praise GOD my foot was still there and my toe they didn't cut anything! I ask the doctor the next day about JESUS he said YOU remembered that? I said yes he was shocked
,there was no infection in the bone , and when they got to the bone Jesus! Had healed my bone infection of my foot , and there was no infection in the bone Praise God! I keep going to the Doctor's . My feet healed up, and sour came back . back and forth to the Doctor , The Dr . said my foot shouldn't be healing because, I'm diabetic , This is June,14,2014 my feet has been Healed for over three months now ! Jesus is real! My feet still healed! both of them this is October,15,2014 Jesus is real !! Now this is Febuary,2015 my feet they are still healed Praise Jesus !
Jesus also healed my eyes! I went to the eye doctor for my check up she found a diabetic spot on one of my eyes . doctor told me to go to a specialist ,but i missed my Appointment. went back year later , for another check up . Doc was upset at me because I didn't go to the specialist .The Doctor checked my eyes there was no spot! she said I was lucky I said no . Jesus healed my eyes! The Doctor said come back in a year everything looked good . Jesus is Real!
Today is May,2015 My feet are still healed!!!I am still healed it is now August 8/12/2016.I am now a acting Pastor at Anchor Baptist church. God is using me . Praise the Lord I'm still healed thank you Jesus !!!....Amen.