The Western Tradition - by UCLA university professor Eugene Webber

Follow this link to live stream any of these 52 half-hour history lessons on video that is often broadcast on public television as part of accredited course in humanities. Also available on DVD.

This is a fantastic resource for getting an overview of human history from a historian's perspective. It is richly illustrated with art works from each of the periods surveyed herein. All is done with a view that is respectful of Christianity and of academia. Very entertaining eye-opener that allows one to grasp the bigger picture of human history and thereby gain a better understanding of how good God has worked through the ages to bring us to the blessings we enjoy today.

Please do not stumble over his presentation of pre-historic times in program 1 "The Dawn of History," with the requisite exaggeration of dates affected by academic evolutionary theory. Let that serve to show that this series is from a viewpoint independent of religion and, therefore, non-sectarian. Let us remember that Moses was educated in all the manner of the Egyptians, (and of the Midianites via Jethro his father-in-law), prior to being discipled by God Himself. The prophet Daniel and his friends, also, were educated both by God and by the Babylonians.  With this in mind, let us find here a worthwhile overview of world history from a perspective with no thought towards promoting one eschatological view over another.

Scrolling down the page at  one will find a summary of the course, a timeline of sorts outlining the history of the world, with an icon on the right that leads to the live video stream for each 30-minute program. When the video starts, right-click on the video to reveal a menu, hover your mouse pointer over "Zoom" and choose "Full Screen" or other zoom level. Enjoy!  Half-hour a day and one can review the whole of human history in less than two months.  This is my all time favorite TV show!