"So, if all this is true and all this has already happened in the past, what do we do now? How does this change anything?"

  • Firstly, it takes the focus off of worldwide Tribulation alarm and puts it back onto personal, daily, longterm obedience to the New Testament as personal preparation to meet our Maker at death, a closer, more certain experience.
  • Because we have a theology that supports experience, we are prepared to believe reports by Christians throughout history & today of personal visits by Jesus Himself to individuals such as those He performed prior to His Ascension. The Chief Shepherd visits His flock and knows them by name. He lives among us. The Shepherd & Bishop of our souls is present to receive us at our death, that is, at our departure from this mortal, natural life. The Blessed Hope is real and is being experienced by those who are faithful to Christ: blessed are the pure in heart because they are actually inheriting the blessing of seeing their God who is near.  This near and Blessed Hope, this very real reward of the Inheritance, encourages to live holy lives, for, "The Lord is at hand," and "Without holiness no one shall see the Lord."
  • This awareness that all the fullness of the Godhead is living among us gives us great security in knowing that God the Father, His Son, His Spirit, His Saints & His angels are ever-present among us, whose dwelling is now among men to guard us through all difficulty, temptation and dread. Because God is with us, we have every confidence that we shall overcome the "giants in the land" of our times and conquer the future for our children, just as previous generations of Christians have done for us. 
  • We are encouraged to understand that our efforts to adorn the Gospel by making the world around us a better place are not in vain -- our improvements have God's blessing to be successful and remain as a lasting legacy to bless succeeding generations into faith in Jesus Christ.
  • We have a theology that supports the deeply rooted, historic confession, "We believe in the communion of the Saints" by which we understand that Christians that have gone on to be with the Lord Jesus are currently active in reigning with Him over the affairs of men, continuing on where their earthly ministries left off. This brings us into grace-multiplying fellowship with the innumerable company of Roman Catholic & Orthodox Christians worldwide and throughout history. We are encouraged to undestand that we, likewise, will continue our ministries into the afterlife if we remain faithful.
  • You are invited to a website designed around addressing that very question, Heavenlyjerusalem.com