In the Beginning,

God brought forth the Heavens and the Earth into existence out of nothing,

order out from chaos,

light out from darkness,

dry land out from the waters,

every form of natural life out from sterile sands.


God brought forth the first man Adam out of the dust of the ground,

the first woman Eve out of Adam,

all mankind out of woman.


God brought the Garden of Eden out of the Earth,

God placed Adam & Eve into the Garden of Eden,

God exiled Adam & Eve out from the Garden of Eden to the east.


God brought Noah, his family and a remnant of the animals out from the pre-flood world into the ark,

out from the ark into the post-flood world,

every people group out from the family of Noah.


God brought forth every language from the Tower of Babel.


God brought Abraham's father Terah out of Ur of the Chaldees into Haran. 

God brought Abraham out of his father's house, a family of idol-worshippers, into friendship with God,

out of Haran into Canaan's land,

out of famine in Canaan's land into Egypt and wealth,

out of Egypt back into Canaan's land, the land promised to him & his Seed.


God brought Isaac out of the deadness of Sarah's womb and Abraham's old age,

and brought Isaac out from death when Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac to God, 

God brought Rebekah out from her father's house in Haran to become Isaac's wife in the promised land.


God brought Jacob out from the status of second-born into the blessing of the firstborn,

out from his father's house into Haran to escape his brother Esau,

Jacob's four wives, childrens and herds out from Haran into Canaan's land to escape his uncle Laban.


God brought Joseph out from his father's house into Egypt to escape his brothers,

Jacob and his sons out from Canaan's land into Egypt to escape the famine.


God brought the Hebrews out of Egypt to escape the bondage of Pharoah,

out of golden calf worship into covenant with Himself,

out of lawlessness into the Law of Moses,

out of desert wanderings into the land promised to Abraham & his Seed.


God brought the best people out of corrupted Judah into Exile in Babylon,

a holy remnant of Jews & converts out of Exile in Babylon back into the Promised Land,

a portion of Jews & proselytes out of the Diaspora into the regathering in Israel.  


God brought the Jews who believed in Jesus out from the Law of Moses into the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

the New Testament people out from the Old Testament people,

the Church out from the Synagogue,

the New Testament out from the Old Testament,

the Gentiles who believed in Jesus out from idolatry into Christ, the commonwealth of Israel,

the believers in Christ Jesus out from the unbelievers of the World.


God brings the Elect, those who are "called, chosen and faithful," out from all trials among false brethren,

the obedient out from the disobedient,

from sin into righteousness

from bondage into the kingdom of the Son of His love,

from darkness into the light,

from ignorance into understanding,

from the natural to the spiritual,

from the temporary into the eternal,

from weakness into power,

from dishonor into glory,

from the earthly into the heavenly,

from the mortal into the immortal,

from a natural body into a spiritual body,

from this world outside in through the gates of the New Jerusalem, 

from glory into glory.