Dramatic moves of God happen "at Twilight"

BC:  Before Christ Birth of Christ & John the Baptist 27-30AD: Christ's earthly ministry 30AD: Christ's Cross & Resurrection 30-70AD: Tribulation 70AD: Christ's Rapture-Return 70-1070AD: Last Day-Millennium 1070AD: end of Last Day 1070AD-Reformation: Satan released for "a little while" Reformation fire from Heaven: end of "the little while" of Satan's release Reformation-Forever:  Satan no more
Night Twilight dawn Day Twilight sundown: Passover was to be eaten "at twilight" Night Twilight dawn: Christ returns as "the Morningstar" as a thief in the last watch of the Night The Last Day (7th day, Sabbath) Twilight sundown: end of the 1000-years Day of the Lord Night Twilight dawn: "John Wycliffe, morningstar of the Reformation" Eternal Day (8th day, new week, new day)
Satan reigns through idol-worshipping empires Satan reigns through idol-worshipping empires Satan cast down from of Heaven to Earth, "fall like lightning" Evil principalities made a show by the Cross Satan prowls about Earth as roaring lion seeking whom to devour Satan chained, cast and sealed into the deep Abyss, Bottomless Pitt Satan remains imprisoned for 1000 years Satan released from his prison Satan organizes worldwide siege against Saints Satan cast into the Lake of Fire (Second Death) Satan remains forever in the Lake of Fire (Second Death)
Idolaters & unbelievers dominate the world Idolaters & unbelievers warned to escape coming wrath by John the Baptist Unbelieving Jews, Priests, Pharisees et al harass Christ Unbelieving Chief Priests arrange Christ's crucifixion Unbelievers harass the Saints & arrange their martyrdom Lord's enemies are destroyed, (Chief Priests, Pharisees, et al) Idolatrous empires destroyed, Christianized The Rest of the Dead come to life (Resurrection of Damnation begins) Gog & Magog form worldwide siege around the Camp of the Saints Gog & Magog destroyed by "fire from Heaven" (the Reformation) Unbelievers in subjection to Christian world powers
Saints under bondage to the Law of Moses Saints enjoy a shining lamp in the ministry of John the Baptist Saints finally meet the Messiah Saints are redeemed by the Lamb of God Saints martyred under Tribulation The Blessed & Holy come to life (Resurrection of Life begins) Resurrected Saints reign w/ God & Christ for 1000 years End of the 1000 years Saints besieged on every side by Satan-led armies Saints vindicated by sudden, miraculous rescue by "fire from Heaven" Saints continue to reign with God & Christ
Christ awaits His incarnation The Incarnation of Christ, "the Word becomes flesh & dwells among us" Christ's earthly ministry of healing all oppressed Christ, our Passover, lays down His life at the Cross & is resurrected Christ waits at God's side for Return w/ Kingdom Christ returns to Earth w/ His Kingdom & power Christ reigns w/ resurrected Saints & God End of the 1000 years Christ & Saints endure siege  Christ proven a better King than those of ancient Israel - no failure in time of trial Christ's Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom with no end
Second stone Temple, built at return from Exile Stone Temple completely rebuilt (replaced?) by Herod Great (3rd temple?) Jesus ministers in the stone Temple, prophesies its destruction & desolation Curtains of stone Temple completely torn, "Temple" redefined as Christ's body Stone Temple functions continue, willfully ignoring what had happened Stone Temple completely destroyed, "not one stone left upon another" The Body of Christ, the Church, is the only Temple of God on Earth End of the 1000-years Day of the Lord The Temple of God, ("Camp of the Saints"), besieged on every side Temple ("Camp of Saints") vindicated & rescued by "fire from Heaven" The sacrifices of God never cease, His Temple, (the Church), has no end